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Embracing Today For A Better Tomorrow

Liz Paige is also the founder and president of H.U.G.S.S. – Helping "U" Grow and Stay Strong, an annual conference and outreach ministry devoted to empowering both women and men from all walks of life through spiritual and practical advice for daily living.


The organization’s motto is “Embracing Today For A Better Tomorrow.”Its origins actually precede her hit play, “Let’s Talk Church,” and started through the words of encouragement from friends and patrons around the beauty salon. They knew Sister Paige had something to say and wanted her to say it.


True to her adventurous spirit, Sister Paige wasn’t exactly sure what she was doing but had faith she would do the right thing. Without an agenda or speakers, she signed a contract to use the Pacific Palms Resort in the City of Industry, California, for the first conference. Within three weeks of the signing, and after 32 years or marriage, her husband, Charles Edward Paige, succumbed to leukemia.


Of course, Mary Liz was devastated. She believed she didn’t have the strength to continue with the conference, but God wouldn’t let her back out. The venue manager, Marlo Fleming, was so excited about H.U.G.S.S. that she wanted her own staff to attend and gave Sister Paige an extension.  “I thought, maybe if I can help people, I can help myself,” she says of ultimately deciding to move forward.  


Since 2003, H.U.G.S.S. has been held annually during the month of September, but this year it will be held during the holiday season at Pacific Palms. Liz Paige intentionally chose this timeframe because she knows – firsthand – that it can be a very vulnerable time for people who are grieving or alone.


H.U.G.S.S - Helping "U" Grow and Stay Strong

Mary "Liz" Paige

Comedian/Event Host/Writer

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Helping "U" to Grow and Stay Strong 

Annual Conference

Pacific Palms Resort  Saturday Dec. 12, 2015 at11am

Tickets $35 dollars

The dynamic program includes a luncheon, singers, dancers and guest speakers. Previous guest speakers include Bishop George D. McKinney, founder of St. Stephen’s Cathedral Church of God in Christ, to provide words of encouragement, faith and hope to black men within the community; as well as dynamic women speakers like Supervisor Francis Harris,  who share their stories of success and inspiration to encourage those who may be struggling with their own paths and questions. Topics have included dealing with grief, relationship-building, weight loss and how to foster a sense of personal security about your place in life.  “I want to lift people up to help them laugh and enjoy life and let them know: God loves you and appreciates you,” she says.  The eight annual H.U.G.S.S. conference will be held Dec. 12, 2015, at the Pacific Palms. Don’t miss this opportunity for inspiration and education.